services Confidential professional services:

We are often asked to provide Confidential Professional Services on a contract basis by organizations, professional groups, manufacturers and end-user groups. Contract services cover a wide range of emerging issues in the worlds of green building, healthcare facilities and emerging technologies.

Types of projects:

  • Situation Analysis e.g., what's going on with respect to public policy & marketplace changes that affects your company, its products and services?
  • Competitive Analysis e.g., who's doing things in your competitive space that you should be aware of? Who's developing emerging technologies that could affect your business or create new opportunities for you and your competitors?
  • Strategic Planning e.g., what courses of action are open to you to respond to, manage and control emerging changes? What are the opportunities & threats, strengths & weaknesses of the various alternative scenarios you should consider?
  • Product Development & Positioning e.g., are there unmet needs & opportunities in the marketplace for products & services that are a good match for your company's core capabilities?
  • Accelerating Commercialization e.g., are there faster, better ways to go to market with a new technology or product that can accelerate growth of sales, profits and market share? How can we break through ingrained traditions to "streamline" channels?

Experience - The value we bring to contract assignments is derived from our three decades of public-company management consulting expertise on public sector issues and is supported by methodologies that provide unusual levels of insight & detail. Our methods have been proven on countless assignments for global 1000 public corporations and leading private companies in numerous sectors as well as for universities, professional organizations and trade groups.

Scope - On contract assignments, we reach far beyond the expertise of our committee membership. But we often draw upon our rapid and direct access to the thousands of thought leaders and professionals worldwide who constitute our 'expert bank' and who represent nine constituencies drawn from public policy, law, management, medicine, science & engineering.

Methods - Contract advice is available in four ways:

  1. Specific research and strategy development projects planned around a client's objectives.
  2. Attendance at management team meetings e.g., we advise USGBC LEED & GGHC committees as well as the Center for Health Design's Pebbles Partners & other organizations.
  3. Customized half-day webinars and one-day or two-day on-site seminars.
  4. Periodic conference call consultations (e.g., reviewing documents before release, advising on projects, doing referrals to qualified local experts).

We would be happy to explore with you the terms of a Contract Services engagement, provide you with some examples of current & recent engagements, and prepare a proposal for your consideration.

David M. Sykes
ANSI S12 Workgroup 44
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