David Sykes Current Initiatives:

• Nanotech Materials:If you would like to download a copy of the lecture by Mr. Sykes to the Corenet chapter in Montréal, Québec on February 13, 2008, click below. Versions of this talk are available in French and English, either in the original PowerPoint format or as PDF:
En Français:
Materiaux Nanotech [PowerPoint, 8.1MB]
Materiaux Nanotech [PDF, 6.7MB]
In English
Nanotech Materials [PowerPoint, 6.9MB]
Nanotech Materials [PDF, 5.6MB]

• eHealth: Patient-controlled technology is an important part of the revolution in healthcare. See: www.newcare-medical.com.

• NanoNexis 07: a leadership conference at M.I.T. about the impact of nanotechnologies on sustainable design and construction.

• SpeechPrivacy.org: SpeechPrivacy.org: Privacy & Human Rights, the growing conflict between fundamental human rights and government concerns about security. Downloads: Paris Symposium poster [hi-res PDF] or [lo-res PDF]; ASA/Speech Privacy flyer [hi-res PDF]

• Commercial Property News interview: The World's Tiniest Building Blocks [PDF]

• Mass High Tech opinion column: Nanotechnology's juiciest target: 'Green' construction [PDF]

• High Performance Workplaces: The March 2006 issue of CoreNet's Leader magazine will feature and article on web-based technologies transforming the world of work and workplace strategy by Remington's managing partner David Sykes. You can read a preview here.


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